Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad, Dental Hospital

Shalby Hospitals boasts a world-class Department of Dentistry and Dental Surgery. The department was conceived by Dr. Darshini Shah, W/o. Dr. Vikram Shah, Chairman, Shalby Hospitals to offer Dental Care & Treatments of International Standards to the large pool of patients in Ahmedabad. The Shalby Dental Department is frequented by patients from United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and several other countries. You may read through the opinions our patients hold for us, if you have any queries write to us or call us. We will be happy to help you.Over last 15 years, we have been working as a comprehensive dental center offering all round treatment and services in the fields of general dentistry, dental implantology, oral rehabilitation but we have always emphasized cosmetics and dental implantology. It is indeed exciting to observe the advancements in dental technology and the way that it is affecting dentistry and medicine as a whole. The materials and techniques that we utilize today help us to achieve our objectives in restoring health and function, and at the same time giving a natural and healthy appearance and aura of that amazingly perfect smile.Shalby Dental Clinic, Dental Surgery, Dental Hospital, Ahmedabad, India, offers affordable dental treatment with low cost dental implants, Best Dental Implant Surgeries, root canal and tooth surgery for all dental problems like tooth decay.

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