Spine Clinic, Spine Clinic in Ahmedabad

Back pain is the second most common affliction of mankind. Almost everybody experiences at least one episode of lower back pain once in a lifetime. The main cause of back pain is wrong body postures and faulty body mechanics. Other causes of back pain are spine infection, spinal trauma and spinal deformity. While many of the spinal problems can be effectively treated by non operative measures, ther are some which need surgical intervention. Since medical science has progressed in fields of anaesthesia and operation theatre setup, surgical instruments and imaging study, spine surgery has become quite safe and successful. With further evolution of technology, spine surgery is moving towards minimal invasive surgical techniques and motion retaining spine surgery. As painful arthritic knee and hip joints can be replaced with artificial inplants, but stable and pain free joints, intervertebral discs can also be replaced and made pain free.

Contact Shalby Hospital for Spine Clinic, Treatment, Spine Surgery, Back Pain Treatment, Spine Infection, Keyhole Spinal Surgery, kyphoplasty  Surgery, Disc Replacement in Ahmedabad, India. Inquiry Shalby hospital at 91-79-40203111

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