Orthopedic Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital in Ahmedabad

Orthopedic (sometimes spelled orthopaedic) surgery corrects problems that arise in the skeleton and its attachments, the ligaments and tendons. It may also deal with some problems of the nervous system, such as those that arise from injury of the spine. These problems can occur at birth, through injury, oras the result of aging. Medical doctors trained to deal with such problems are called orthopedic surgeons or orthopedists (the terms are used interchangeably). The word “orthopedic”comes from two Greek words, ortho, meaning straight and pais, meaning child. Originally orthopedic surgeons dealt with bone deformities in children, using braces to straighten the child’s bones. With the development modern surgical techniques, orthopedic surgeons expanded their role to include surgery involving the bones and related nerves and connective tissue. Some orthopedic surgeons specialize in one particular aspect of orthopedics,such as hand surgery, joint replacements, or disorders of the spine. Others specialize in trauma medicine and can be found in emergency rooms and trauma centers treating injuries. The work of orthopedists can overlap with that of plastic surgeons, geriatric specialists, pediatricians, or podiatrists (foot care specialists). A rapidly growing area of orthopedics is sports medicine, and many sports medicine doctors are board certified orthopedists. Choosing an orthopedist is an important step in seeking treatment. Patients looking for a qualified orthopedist should ask if the physician is “board certified” by his or her accrediting organization. Contact Shalby Hospital for Orthopedic Hospital, Clinic, Orthopedic Surgeon, Best Orthopedic Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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