Myths & Facts About Colon Cancer

myths and facts - colon cancer

Colon Cancer has a lot of myths associated with it. Fearing these myths, a lot of people are unaware of the seriousness of the disease and fail to get timely treatment.

Let us understand the misconceptions and uncover the truth about Colon Cancer:

1. MYTH: Colon Cancer is a ‘men’s disease’.

FACT: Not at all. It strikes both, men and women. Studies show that it is now the third leading cause of cancer death among women. Every year new cases of Colon Cancer are reported in both, men and women. So it is better to get screened to get cured as early as possible.

2. MYTH: There is no prevention for Colon Cancer.

FACT: This is the biggest misconception. Colon Cancer is a preventable disease. If the polyp is found early through screening, doctors can remove it and stop Colon Cancer before it advances. Also, you can reduce the risk of developing cancer by taking a low-fat diet, high in vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly.

3. MYTH: No symptoms and so, no screening.

FACT: This is the reason Colon Cancer leads to critical stages. It generally has no early symptoms. By the time it appears, the cancer may have reached higher stages. So if you find any slight changes in your stool, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding and unexplained weight loss, rush to get screened.

4. MYTH: Only people with a family history of Colon Cancer get it.

FACT: The occurrence of Colon Cancer does not have anything to do with family history. If you have a family history, it just means you need to start your screening earlier or do it more frequently, to prevent the development of cancer, as prevention is better than cure.

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Source: Dust Off the Myths About Colon Cancer


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