Things You Need to Know Before & After Undergoing a Kidney Transplant

kidney transplantation
Image: persianhealthint

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure that puts a healthy kidney within the body of a patient. The kidney can come from both living and expired donors.  While a new kidney will usually begin functioning immediately after the transplant, it is important to remember that it is a” foreign body” till it finds total acceptance by your immune system and therefore, will have to be careful about its health.

Soon after the transplant, one will need to take certain medicines to prevent the rejection of the new kidney by the body. If rejection does happen you will have to undergo anti rejection therapy.. To prevent rejection, you will need to take immunosuppressant medication. Your doctor will prescribe you regarding what and how much to take so as to prevent rejection while keeping side effects at a minimum level.

As a transplant recipient you will be more susceptible to infections due to the intake of immunosuppressant medication, so you will need to see to it that your body is minimally exposed to germs. You don’t need to go overboard and subject yourself to solitary confinement – simple hygiene practices like hand washing with antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer should suffice. By this way most of the infections can be prevented and patient can live a  healthy life.

After transplantation,  as the patient is free from dialysis , he or she is going to have improved appetite that can lead to obesity, if not taken care well in form of exercise and diet planning.

The most important thing that you need to know if you are thinking of undergoing kidney transplantation is that you should only approach a reputed kidney transplant hospital. As kidney transplant is a serious procedure, you should only get it done at leading kidney transplant hospitals like Shalby Hospital in India.

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