Diet Plan You Should Follow After a Spine Surgery

diet plan after spine surgery

Let us look at the diet plan you should expect to follow after a spine surgery.


With the need to heal, your metabolism will also increase, requiring you to take almost double the amount of calories that your body usually needs. That does not mean that you start consuming junk food – the extra calories should be consumed through healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, wholegrain etc. Such foods will provide you with the nutrients necessary for fast and proper healing.


One of the most important nutrients required for post-surgery healing is protein. Therefore, a good chunk of what you eat must
comprise of eggs, fish, lean meat and poultry, tofu etc. Low-fat dairy products like skim milk will provide your body with not only protein, but also Calcium and Vitamin D required for bone restoration. Zinc, which is found in high-protein foods, is important for fighting infection.


Another healthy but yummy way to get your required calories and nutrients is supplemental shakes. This will let your body get the protein and other nutrients it requires, and it’s quite easy to make! You can make shakes/”smoothies” using milk, yoghurt, soymilk or any other high-protein beverage. You may also be advised to take certain vitamin and mineral supplements – however, do not take any vitamin or mineral supplement without your doctor’s approval. Constipation may result from the intake of pain medication – this can be avoided by staying hydrated throughout the day with good water intake. This will also be very beneficial for the healing process. Fibre intake can also prevent constipation – so have high-fibre foods like fruits, wholegrain etc.

A good spine clinic will ensure that you are provided with the correct diet plan for quick and complete healing. For example, reputed spine clinics like Shalby Hospitals – one of the best spine hospitals in Ahmedabad with a team comprising of the best spine surgeons in Ahmedabad – see to it that all measures are taken for quick and complete post-operation healing. You should only trust hospitals with a highly experienced and skilled team so as to get the best results.

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