Limb Salvage Surgery for Osteosarcoma: A Fight Against Bone Cancer

lim salvage bone cancerA 16 year old boy with Osteosarcoma of Tibia Neoadjuvant chemotherapy Surgery: Wide Resection and Megaprosthesis Joint Replacement Surgery Adjuvant chemotherapy


Osteosarcoma is the malignant bone tumor that arises from primitive mesenchymal bone-forming cells, and its histologic hallmark is the production of malignant osteoid. Each year in the United States, about 400 children and teens younger than age 20 are diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is the third most common cancer in children, after lymphomas and brain tumors. It often starts in the ends of the bones where new bone tissue forms as a young person grows. Bones in the thigh, upper arm, and leg are the most common sites. The cause of osteosarcoma is unknown and only rarely does osteosarcoma run in families. Children with retinoblastoma have a high risk for osteosarcoma in adolescence.

Xray and MRI

Skin incision and neurovascular bundle





Osteosarcoma Tibia






knee function after megaprosthesis

Clinical Presentation

Pain and swelling in the affected bone is the most common symptom. Pain is severe in nature and associated with limitation of movement of affected joint. Initially there is small swelling and increases rapidly to bigger size. On clinical examination of swelling, local warmth with dilation of veins in the over lying area can be observed. Occasionally patients present with pathological fracture due to trivial trauma.


Plain radiograph of the affected bone with adjacent joint is obtained with chest radiograph. The radiological findings of osteosarcoma shows a lytic/sclerotic /mixed lesion with wide zone of transition, sun ray type of periosteal reaction and soft tissue swelling. Magnetic resonance imaging (M.R.I.) is performed to visualize the extent of tumor and relationship with neurovascular structures, followed by J needle biopsy to obtain histopathological diagnosis. Staging investigations consist of Computed Tomography of chest and Bone scan or PET-CT scan.

knee joint replacement surgery

Recent Advances

Limb salvage surgery for bone tumors in the immature skeleton creates unique problems. When the estimated leg-length discrepancy at skeletal maturity is more than 3 cm or when the arm-length discrepancy is more than 5 cm expandable, Megaprosthesis is performed. The minimally invasive and noninvasive types of expandable prosthesis are used. Every six monthly the limb is expanded as compared with opposite limb until skeletal maturity is achieved.

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Myths & Facts About Colon Cancer

myths and facts - colon cancer

Colon Cancer has a lot of myths associated with it. Fearing these myths, a lot of people are unaware of the seriousness of the disease and fail to get timely treatment.

Let us understand the misconceptions and uncover the truth about Colon Cancer:

1. MYTH: Colon Cancer is a ‘men’s disease’.

FACT: Not at all. It strikes both, men and women. Studies show that it is now the third leading cause of cancer death among women. Every year new cases of Colon Cancer are reported in both, men and women. So it is better to get screened to get cured as early as possible.

2. MYTH: There is no prevention for Colon Cancer.

FACT: This is the biggest misconception. Colon Cancer is a preventable disease. If the polyp is found early through screening, doctors can remove it and stop Colon Cancer before it advances. Also, you can reduce the risk of developing cancer by taking a low-fat diet, high in vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly.

3. MYTH: No symptoms and so, no screening.

FACT: This is the reason Colon Cancer leads to critical stages. It generally has no early symptoms. By the time it appears, the cancer may have reached higher stages. So if you find any slight changes in your stool, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding and unexplained weight loss, rush to get screened.

4. MYTH: Only people with a family history of Colon Cancer get it.

FACT: The occurrence of Colon Cancer does not have anything to do with family history. If you have a family history, it just means you need to start your screening earlier or do it more frequently, to prevent the development of cancer, as prevention is better than cure.

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Source: Dust Off the Myths About Colon Cancer